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Hunt To Eat Show

Oct 7, 2021

Welcome to the Hunt To Eat Show's inaugural episode! This podcast engages with thoughtful guests to have conversations about Hunt To Eat's three pillars: community, real food, and conservation. Hosted by Casey Pelzl and Paul McCarney, the show digs into the challenges and complexities involved in conservation and gathering our own food. We tackle difficult conservations, have some fun, and work to create a meaningful and inclusive hunting and outdoors community. In the guest segment of this episode, we talk to Hunt To Eat's CEO, Mahting Putelis, and its Editor in Chief, Gabby Zaldumbide, about the company's vision, goals, and the community it wants to build for the future. For the conservation discussion, we ruminate on one of our favorite ruminants (the caribou), one of the world’s favorite predators (the polar bear), and the inherent complexity of what it means to be a “hunter.” In the food segment, we talk about some general food safety and handling tips. Welcome to the Hunt To Eat Show!