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Hunt To Eat Show

Mar 3, 2022

On today’s episode, Demiesha Dennis, founder and director of Brown Girl Outdoor World (BGOW) joins us to talk about guiding people into the outdoors, fishing, joy and empowerment in the outdoors, and how she works to “Change the Narrative Through Adventure.” Demiesha is a knowledgeable fly angler, an absolute blast to talk to, and she is doing some great things in Canada to build a strong and supportive outdoor community. In the conservation segment, we cover some updates on eagle populations and environmental contamination from lead ammunition (30:41); results from a new survey that shows an increasing number of voters in western States are concerned about environmental issues, including climate change (39:10); and a new report on British Columbia’s conserved areas that found many of them do not meet the international criteria for protected areas (43:15).

In this episode, we discuss: